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A teacher who likes learning


I'm an ICT Teacher & Business Owner who loves helping self-learners.

- Mr Ashley Ball

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My Story In Business

My name is Ashley Ball and at age 23 I became a teacher and co-founder of a digital marketing agency. This is my story in …

Habitica Review

Habitica, the balance between gaming and staying motivated in life. I've been using it for 6 months now and have never looked back. I love …

Best WordPress Plugins Feature

Best WordPress Plugins

I've always loved 'best WordPress plugins' articles. Now it's my turn! I get to share all my favourite extensions of WordPress. Plugins I've used in …

Become a Self-Learner

A self-learner is someone who learns to better themselves. Self-learners are DIYers (do it yourself), the self-made people who focus on learning. People who perfer …

Starting A Business 2019

Start a Business

Why Start A Business In 2019?So you've got a new business idea or a great service to provide, and it's time to start a business!No …

Let's learn

Teacher, business owner & learner


I’ve always wanted to have a space dedicated to what I’ve learnt & am currently learning, a place that can help other’s to start their own business, learn about web design, become a teacher… basically all the things I’ve learnt along the way!