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Making A Website

Making A Website For Your Small Business

Introduction To Making Your Website You want to know how to make a website in 2019? – You’re in luck if you have some time up and a bit patience, you’ll have no problems. šŸ™ Making a website in 2019 is a creative process, it’s engaging & you can do it cheaply, all by yourself. That’s right, you don’t need to hire an expensive web designer or get your uncle to make it for you. There are a few things you need to understand before jumping into it. So we’re going to break down how to make a website. Why Make A Website In 2019? It’s very important to have your ‘why’ very clear. You might want to start a blog, a photography portfolio or

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Starting A Business 2019

Starting A Business In 2019

Why Start A Business In 2019? So you’ve got a new business idea or a great service to provide, and it’s time to start a business! No matter your idea you need a plan so when things start moving ahead you’ve got a structure for your small business. Starting a business is hard work, there’s no quick or easy way. Starting a small business in 2019 and have success, begin small and build up from there. You don’t want to go too hard too fast, so we’ll break it down to make it simple. Illustration:  Your business is like a tree which you need to plant and keep rooted in the ground. You must maintain, water and look after your tree. But you haven’t planted

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Teacher, business owner & full time student.

I’ve always wanted to have a space dedicated to what I’ve learnt & am currently learning, a place that can help other’s to start their own business, learn about web design, become a teacherā€¦ basically all the things I’ve learnt along the way, I want to make easy for others.