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Helping self-learners simplify business, technology & design.

- Mr Ashley Ball

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Making A Website
Web Design

Making A Website For Your Small Business

Introduction To Making Your Website You want to know how to make a website in 2019? – You’re in luck if you have some time up and a bit patience, you’ll have no problems. ???? Making a website in 2019 is a creative process, it’s engaging & you can do

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Starting A Business 2019

Starting A Business In 2019

Why Start A Business In 2019? So you’ve got a new business idea or a great service to provide, and it’s time to start a business! No matter your idea you need a plan so when things start moving ahead you’ve got a structure for your small business. Starting a

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Teacher, business owner & full time student.

I’ve always wanted to have a space dedicated to what I’ve learnt & am currently learning, a place that can help other’s to start their own business, learn about web design, become a teacher… basically all the things I’ve learnt along the way, I want to make easy for others.